Azure Bot Framework

Using Azure Bot Framework Composer, you can create excellent bots for Microsoft Teams. Bots are trendy! They offer a dialog-based user interface that excels with Microsoft Teams and other chat-based programs. Long-standing "QnA Maker" bots are confined to matching user questions with a set of predefined responses in the QnA Maker service and require little to no coding. Up until recently, creating a bot that can perform additional tasks, such as acting on behalf of a user in Microsoft Teams, required extensive code, as well as training and integrating cognitive services for knowledge management and language recognition.

Making AI practical for business: Azure AI

The next generation of industry-changing innovations is being driven by AI, data, and the cloud. Our goal with Azure AI is to enable businesses to use AI to engage customers, empower staff, improve operations, and revolutionize products. The next wave of industry-transforming technologies is being ushered in by AI, data, and the cloud. Our objective with Azure AI is to enable businesses to deploy AI across the board to engage customers, empower staff, improve processes, and revolutionize products. In three important solution categories, we observe customers utilizing Azure AI to achieve measurable benefits.

  • img Initially, creating predictive models with machine learning to enhance business processes

  • img Building vision, voice, and language capabilities into web and mobile apps will enable AI-powered apps and agents to create a natural user experience.

  • img Utilizing knowledge mining to extract hidden insights from documents is the third step.

Build, connect, deploy, and manage intelligent agents to engage with users natively in your app or on the web with the help of Azure Bot Service. You can quickly use cognitive capabilities to give your users an interesting experience thanks to native integration with Cognitive Services. By comprehending context and carrying on a discussion in a very natural way, for instance, you can employ language comprehension to improve user interaction. Organizations that engage in knowledge mining have rich information hidden in historical records spanning numerous data types that are challenging to access, like forms, PDFs, and images. Unfortunately, this data is not searchable, is concealed, and is therefore useless. By adding Cognitive Services to Azure Search, Azure Cognitive Search (in preview) enables you to extract knowledge from massive amounts of data. With Cognitive Search, you can quickly explore different data sources and then combine the results to find opportunities by adding object recognition, computer vision, entity extraction, and other cognitive talents. We have experienced significant uptake since releasing the Cognitive Search preview at Microsoft Build earlier this year, with tens of millions of documents being processed each month.

  • img Swiftly construct bots

    A low-code graphical interface is used to create, test, and deploy bots.

  • img Over time, make your bot applications better.

    Track crucial bot telemetry automatically and anticipate upcoming topics.

  • img Create experiences that are multimodal and multichannel.

    With few changes to the code, connect to channels like Microsoft Teams and telephone

  • imgUsing centralized management, scale securely

    To preserve compliance and governance, deploy bots securely.

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