Welcome to our organization chart on SharePoint. Org chart is a useful tool especially to new employees in helping them to understand the company structure. This chart provides a visual representation of your organizational structure, showcasing the hierarchy, reporting relationships, and key personnel within your organization. By using SharePoint, we have made it easier for employees to access and navigate through our organizational chart.


Your organization's structure is designed to foster effective communication, collaboration, and decision-making across various departments and teams. The organizational chart demonstrates the reporting lines, roles, and responsibilities of our employees, providing a clear understanding of the organizational hierarchy.



SharePoint provides several key benefits when it comes to policy documentation and management. Here are some advantages of using SharePoint as your policy management solution



With SharePoint, your employees can access the organizational chart anytime, anywhere, using their preferred device, whether it's a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Dynamic Updates

SharePoint allows you to update the organizational chart in real-time, ensuring that it reflects the latest changes in our organization's structure. This ensures that employees always have access to up-to-date information.

Search and Navigation

SharePoint provides a search functionality that allows employees to quickly find specific individuals or departments within the organizational chart. Additionally, navigation features make it easy to move between different levels and sections of the chart.

Integration with User Profiles

SharePoint can be integrated with user profiles, allowing employees to view additional information about individuals within the organizational chart, such as contact details, job titles, and areas of expertise.

Navigating the Organizational Chart

On this Organizational chart page, you will find the interactive organizational chart that represents our organization's structure. The chart is divided into various levels, starting from the top-level executives down to individual departments and teams.To navigate through the organizational chart

Our SharePoint-based policy documentation and management solution empowers organizations to streamline their policy processes, enhance policy accessibility, and ensure compliance throughout the organization.

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