A bot is an application that enables conversational collaboration between users. Bots can communicate informally using text, cards, or speech. A bot could be as simple as an example that coordinates with an action, or it could be a sophisticated weaving of artificial intelligence techniques that follows complex conversational states and integrates with already existing business services.

  • imgEstablishing a web application with the Azure Bot Service

    The Azure Bot Service offers an integrated environment that is specifically designed for bot creation, which expedites the process of creating a bot. Azure Bot Service enables the quick construction of intelligent bots that are serverless and run on the Microsoft Bot Framework.

  • imgConcerning the Bot Framework

    A framework for creating, connecting, testing, and deploying strong and intelligent bots is called the Bot Framework. This Framework enables you to create bots that support various client interactions. You can program conversations in your bot to flow naturally. Additionally, your bot can have progressively guided interactions where it directs the user's choices or actions. Simple text strings or increasingly elaborate rich cards with text, images, and activity buttons can be used in the chat. SharePoint developers may include natural language capability that enables users to communicate freely and expressively with your bots. The chatbot that books salon appointments is an example provided by our SharePoint development team. The chatbot recognizes the user's intent, offers appointment possibilities with action buttons, shows the user's choice when they tap an appointment, and sends a thumbnail card with the appointment's details after determining the user's pick. Publish a bot in an Azure Web App after registering it on the Microsoft Bot Framework. Having an Azure Web Application is the next step in activating Bot functionalities within the Microsoft SharePoint framework application. Before using the Azure Bot Service, you must have administrative access to your Microsoft Azure subscription.

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