Teams v/s Slack - Which collaboration app to decide on Back

April 11 2022
In 2019, the team collaboration software market reached $9.5 billion worldwide, thanks to the COVID-19 situation resulting in a considerable change towards distance working, collaboration and chatting tools became more important than ever.
Besides the preferences, the 2 clear market leaders within the sector are Microsoft Teams and Slack. In these unpredictable times, businesses are rapidly installing collaborative technologies to keep productivity high.
In this piece, we'll compare Microsoft Teams vs. Slack and go over their features and market shares in-depth to help you answer this important issue and choose a winner.
1. Share of the Market
  • Slack had a significant lead over Microsoft Teams in terms of client adoption, but not to the point where Slack was concerned. It's a unique narrative in 2022.
  • Microsoft Teams surpassed Slack in terms of daily active users in 2019, reaching 13 million in July. Within the first half of 2020, Microsoft Teams' user base reportedly grew to 75 million.

2. Attributes to consider

Channels (Teams)
Confidential Messages
No. of Users Up to 500k with a free plan Unlimited
Unlimited Messaging
Broad Message Search Up to ten thousand messages along with the free plan
Sharing of files
Guest Access Restraint to five per account (for paid plans even) Unlimited collaboration with external users (for paid plans)
Screen Sharing only paid
One on one audio and video calls Unbounded Unbounded
Video Conferences Up to 250 users with paid plans Up to fifteen users with paid plans
Web, Desktop & Mobile Apps
Shortcuts & Productivity Tools (40+ Shortcuts for Desktop App) (50+ Shortcuts for a desktop app with most available for the online app also.)
Workflow Tools and a bot Who Bot (for paid only) and Third-Party Chatbots Slack Bot is free for all users
Integrations 472 apps to decide on from Up to 10 for free plans, with 2,000+ apps to decide on from

Microsoft Teams offers more robust video conferencing. Slack and Microsoft Teams are popular messaging programs for a reason, and either of them would be a wonderful addition to your virtual toolkit for your team although, we choose Microsoft Teams because of its superior functionality.

The comparison is as of March 2022