Introduction of Portals

Intranet portals on Microsoft SharePoint make it easy to collaborate with coworkers and share files, which boosts team productivity. You can encourage greater employee participation and simplify their work by implementing the SharePoint intranet.In comparison to open-source intranet portals, it also provides a wide range of additional advantages.

The Microsoft Office 365 Platform's SharePoint Intranet enables the creation of digital workspaces anywhere and real-time delivery. Employees can collaborate, send information, and receive services thanks to Office 365. Office 365 intranet portals enable staff to co-author, share, and preserve content. Dynamic work environments are smoothly facilitated by Office 365. Organizations can effectively support business processes and empower people by integrating intranet with office 365. Through SharePoint, Office365 provides complete content management and document collaboration. SharePoint is also effectively used to create interactive portals and dynamic webpages.

You won't have to waste time on monotonous admin-level activities when using the Microsoft SharePoint intranet portal, which is another perk. The management of a business must constantly complete a variety of tedious activities. SharePoint aids in limiting this. Daily administration of such jobs requires a large amount of time and resources. One illustration is accepting leave requests submitted by its employees. You may easily automate these procedures if you have a SharePoint intranet portal. The workload of the administrative staff will decrease because of automation. They can devote their time and effort to more important duties rather than concentrating on these monotonous ones. You'll see an increase in their productivity as they would be a valuable addition to the company.

Features of our quick rollout REMO portal

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    Directory of People

    Easily find individuals within the company by their name, expertise, department, profile, and location (to name a few).The employee profile may be quickly retrieved thanks to seamless AD connectivity.

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    Calendar Events & Events

    Observe forthcoming conferences, departmental pieces of training, and activities hosted by the company.

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    Content Management

    The creation, updating, and deletion of content on a website is an extremely challenging task for a non-technical person. SharePoint offers content management, making it simple for non-technical users to add, edit, and remove information from websites.

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    Quick link's Search and Search

    Build on Microsoft's strong search capabilities. Find relevant stuff with precision.

    Quick links

    By using the shortcuts on the REMO top page, access the organization application easily.

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    Integration of social media

    Feeds on social media: Easily integrate Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram social media content from the company into REMO Portal Social Features. Add social media capabilities to news and page likes, emojis, and @comments. the approval of the global admin.

You may quickly, cheaply, and easily configure your intranet solution by using the REMO intranet portal. This platform can provide the ideal digital workplace solution for you with the utmost flexibility and adaptability. You can get custom portal development services from TechnomaX Systems. By giving your business requirements top priority, we enable you to use the intranet's vital functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an intranet portal?

A private network utilized by a company can be referred to as an intranet. Through tailored perspectives, it is a tool that makes it easier for a business to manage its data, applications, and information.

What is an intranet used for?

It’s mainly used to support safe staff communication, information archiving, and teamwork. Employees can create profiles, submit, like, comment on, and share posts using social intranet features that are common in contemporary intranets.

What are the advantages of the intranet?

The advantages of the intranet are numerous, but some are mentioned below:

  • Boost output and morale among workers
  • Provide business updates.
  • Keep documents.
  • Connecting personnel
  • Cross-border team collaboration
  • Increasing output
  • Give workers a say in the business.

Is the intranet safe to use?

Yes, the intranet is safe to use. It’s because an intranet is a closed, private network, and external dangers are less likely to affect it. You can rest easy knowing that crucial business records and information are being preserved safely in this way.

How is REMO different from other intranet portals?

The best INTRANET PORTAL- REMO: A one-stop collaboration tool It seems every company has an Intranet Portal nowadays. Today we’re sharing our Quick Roll out Intranet Portal- REMO loved by our clients. To foster a more connected and effective working environment, REMO, our very own quick rollout intranet portal offers a common information source that all employees can access. An efficient intranet portal will give employees access to more information in one location, enabling them to perform their responsibilities more successfully.

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