Employee Engagement

Business owners are eager to bring things "back to normal" with a unified staff that is still actively engaged in their work as offices progressively welcome back their employees after months at home. But it makes sense that for many employees, the change to the office may provide some difficulties. Employees have faced some challenging circumstances over the last few depressing months. Due to these problems, traditional priorities have fallen down the list in priority. Although it's a risky time to move, companies must regroup and support their staff if they want to keep progressing. Intranet technology has advanced greatly in recent years. ranging from a basic internet bulletin board to technological advancement with limitless possibilities. Intranets may increase employee engagement, improve customer experience, and much more. Employees struggle with numerous workplace challenges regularly, including poor communication with coworkers, using multiple work resources at once, and wasting time seeking the best platform to complete their tasks. Employees must maintain relationships with and cooperate with their coworkers in addition to performing their duties. The employee engagement portal or Intranet Portal is the only thing that can fix all of the aforementioned problems. The portal is interactive software that enables logged-in users on a private network to conduct many of their work-related tasks on one platform without physically visiting other employees.

The secure networking system offers many advantages in addition to quick communication, including:

  • imgAn organization receives a centralized restructuring in the form of an employee engagement portal. A single platform is used by all employees for communication, file sharing, and group discussions.

  • imgIt promotes worker productivity. Every person's contribution to the organization is emphasized, and the best performers are shown on the portal's home page.

  • imgSince everyone has access to one other's information, there is more openness among the staff.

  • imgIt fosters a relationship between bosses and other workers. They may converse and receive immediate feedback.

  • imgThrough the Internet, anyone can access the employee engagement site.

Centralize the data

Digital is much more than just marketing. All departments, from sales and marketing to support and operations, can benefit from using an intranet. It unites everyone in your company as you strive to go above and beyond for your clients. The centralization of corporate data is one feature of an intranet. By centralizing your company's information, you can increase employee productivity by making information more accessible.


When you work in a huge firm, it might be annoying to need various logins, passwords, or programs to access important data. The good news is that access to information and insight can provide employees with more influence thanks to modern intranets. All relevant information can be centralized on intranets inside a single login and application. Additionally, it may be available to everyone working for your company. In addition, the Internet has rendered geography irrelevant, making it simpler than ever for employees to work remotely. With the use of an intranet, you can centralize your organization's information so that everyone has access to it whenever they need it, regardless of location or time zone. This can increase employee engagement since it allows staff to work more effectively by having all the information, they need in one location rather than hopping between programs or looking for others who have it. Every organization has sensitive or confidential information that only a select group of people may access. You can build up a role-based information environment using an intranet, which allows you to grant access to particular people to sensitive information based on their position within the firm. Additionally, intranets offer organizational hierarchy so that official organizations and informal teams of various sizes.


According to 69% of the employees polled, intranets assist cut down on pointless emails and increasing productivity within their company. Your staff can produce material, share knowledge, and make choices with the aid of an intranet. Employees can share and expand their knowledge using platforms like blogs, forums, wikis, and knowledge bases. Whole business processes can be streamlined with the help of a well-built intranet that incorporates some, if not all, of these capabilities. Your staff can solve issues more rapidly if they can add, modify, share, and collaborate in real-time on crucial data and projects. This will consequently boost your production levels and aid in raising your staff engagement level.

Boost the organizational culture.

Every company's success is built on the values of cooperation and sharing. The intranet makes it possible to gauge staff engagement and partnership in the expansion of the company, but it also allows them the chance to get to know their coworkers. The intranet makes any conflict understandable, fosters teamwork, and motivates you to participate. Customize the features of your intranet gateway to showcase your company's principles, recognize contributors, or share news that will inspire employees. Customization is crucial!

Personalization results in increased output

Building an intranet that enables each employee to have a dashboard they can personalize to their interests, preferences, and work is a key component of personalization. Giving your employees the option to customize their intranet display can have several positive effects, including stronger workplace culture, higher levels of employee engagement and productivity, and simpler navigation. Because they are better knowledgeable, motivated, and engaged, employees who receive personalized service can produce more. Your intranet's branding, color scheme, content, workflows, and employee contributions can all serve to reflect the culture of your company. The ideal intranet continues to build and impact your organization's culture while also being aligned with it.

Your social intranet can be used in a variety of ways to foster a supportive workplace culture, including:

  • imgSharing business news

  • imgShowcasing internal job openings

  • img Feature articles that highlighted staff

  • imgInitiatives centered on corporate social responsibility (CSR)

  • imgShare the heritage and history of your organization.

  • imgIndividual and broadcast company successes

  • imgContests/gamification

  • imgGet opinions from the workforce

  • imgList neighborhood events

  • imgQ&A websites

Profiles of employees

Modern intranets are simple to use and give employees access to knowledge. An intranet can provide your company with countless opportunities and advantages when it is properly created and used. The capacity to consolidate information, boost employee engagement, cooperation, and productivity, foster a great workplace culture, and provide your company with a competitive edge are all benefits of intranets.

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