Interview tracking system helps to streamline your organization's interview processes, providing an efficient and centralized solution for tracking and managing candidate interviews. With SharePoint's robust features, you can simplify scheduling, collaboration, and evaluation throughout the interview process.


Effective interview management is essential for organizations to efficiently evaluate candidates, make informed hiring decisions, and maintain a seamless hiring process. Manual tracking methods or disparate systems can lead to confusion and miscommunication. SharePoint offers a comprehensive solution to streamline and enhance your interview tracking and management processes.



SharePoint offers several key benefits when it comes to interview tracking. Here are some advantages of using SharePoint as your interview tracking system

Centralized Interview Information

SharePoint serves as a centralized repository for all interview-related information. You can store candidate profiles, interview schedules, resumes, feedback forms, and any other relevant documents in one location, ensuring easy access and collaboration.

Simplified Scheduling and Calendar Integration

SharePoint allows you to streamline interview scheduling. Interviewers and candidates can view available time slots, schedule interviews, and receive automated notifications. SharePoint can also integrate with calendar systems, ensuring seamless coordination and avoiding scheduling conflicts.

Collaborative Evaluation

SharePoint enables collaborative evaluation of candidates. Interviewers can securely access candidate profiles, provide feedback, and rate candidates within the system. This promotes consistent evaluation criteria and streamlined decision-making.

Communication and Notifications

SharePoint provides communication features, such as discussion boards or dedicated communication channels, to facilitate collaboration and exchange of information among interviewers, hiring managers, and recruiters. Automated notifications keep all stakeholders informed about interview updates and outcomes.

Customizable Workflows

SharePoint allows you to create customized workflows tailored to your organization's interview processes. You can define stages, assign tasks, and set up approval processes, ensuring that interviews progress smoothly and adhere to your specific requirements.

Reporting and Analytics

SharePoint's reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into the interview process. You can generate reports on metrics such as candidate pipeline, time-to-hire, and interviewer feedback. These reports aid in assessing the effectiveness of the hiring process and identifying areas for improvement. /p>

Navigating the Interview Tracking System

Our SharePoint-based interview tracking system offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive features to simplify your interview processes. Here are key sections and functionalities you'll find on our website

Our SharePoint-based interview tracking system empowers organizations to streamline their interview processes, improve collaboration among stakeholders, and make data-driven hiring decisions.

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