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What is Power Automate?

Design, configure and run automate manual, repetitive and time-consuming process. Microsoft Power Automate, a low code workflow automation platform tool with immense integration options enables the customer to build intelligent automation stack for their digital automation with RPA or Robotic process automation services infused by AI.

Workflow Automation or simply Workflows and triggers are the foundation of Microsoft Power Automate Platform, and many different types of triggers can be employed. When a new entity is created or an existing entity is altered, a flow can be started. Another action, such as sending a push notification, sending an email, updating a database, or adding an item to a Microsoft SharePoint list, can be triggered by logic. You can act on almost anything for which a connector exists. Other sorts of triggers include timer triggers, which start a process after a set period has passed, or triggers that start a process at a specific time of day or even every hour, depending on your needs. read more

Workflow automation is the process of creating, using, executing, and automating a set of actions by pre-established business rules. It handles tasks and reroutes them so that they are correctly connected to the people involved, the technology being used, and the pertinent data. Getting the appropriate people to do the right things at the right times is the main goal. The hallmark of automation of workflows is to focus on replacing paper-based, time-consuming, and expensive manual processes with digital technologies. Businesses can standardize work, establish business standards, adhere to regulations, limit the possibility of human mistakes, and assure transparency and accountability at every stage of the workflow software journey by automation of their workflows. Manual tasks can be digitised to boost productivity, decrease deviation risks, and shorten the length of a workflow cycle. According to studies, 70% of business owners think workflow automation may help them save up to 30 hours each month, while nearly 80% think the staff could save 60 hours each month!

Workflow automation expedites and swiftly completes all task management operations. According to 42% of corporate executives, automating processes speeds up task completion compared to manual labor. Time is money in business; thus, this is crucial. Any business or organization wants to save expenses, and workflow automation greatly aids in this effort. Automation of the workflow results in cost-effective operations. Most business executives think that automating tasks will lower labor expenses. Why? because workflow automation eliminates administrative and repetitive procedures, resulting in a reduction in labor hours and workforce costs. Automation of the workflow reduces errors and delays. As a result, your goods and services are more likely to be of a high caliber and to be delivered on schedule. Not to add, automation makes it easier for jobs to be completed inside workflows, improving the customer experience.

As per Forrester, Total Economic Impact Study, Microsoft Power Automate drives business transformation by reducing development costs and increasing overall efficiency

  • 199%

    ROI over 3 years

  • $1.41M

    Worker time savings over 3 years, after applying a 50 percent productivity capture

  • 27.4%

    Reduced errors due to increased automation

Are you looking for a Microsoft Power Automate Professional Consulting Service to grow your business?

  • Every company aims to get the most return on their investment. Along with rising earnings, businesses strive to lower overall operating costs. When they come to us for consultation, we Technomax Systems as a Microsoft Power Automate consulting service provider, guide them through the whole process and explain to them at length how it can help cut costs while growing their business. When human power alone is insufficient to meet some of the most challenging challenges, technology has helped us. For every major problem solved, numerous lesser ones are also resolved. Companies must employ sensible strategic choices and efficient resource usage if they are to succeed in the competitive business world of today. Process automation technologies are being used by many enterprises to reduce resource waste. Invoices, purchase orders, application forms, surveys, delivery orders, tax forms, and other structured and semi-structured documents may all be quickly automated to extract information using AI Builder document processing (formerly known as form processing) and Microsoft (MS) Power Automate. Writings that lack a predetermined structure and are free-form generally use paragraphs.

  • Documents with various similar fields, tables, and checkboxes can also be obtained in addition to those with the same fields, tables, and checkboxes. Invoices, delivery orders, tax records, and medical testing are just a few examples of what falls under this category. The Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities of Microsoft (MS) Power Automate are being improved by the addition of support for unstructured document processing. With the help of AI Builder and Microsoft Power Automate consulting services, anyone can already design end-to-end procedures that automatically extract and process information from structured (such as surveys and questionnaires) and semi-structured documents (for example, invoices and purchase orders).

  • AI Builder now offers the option to train a personalized Document Processing AI model to extract text from unstructured documents like contracts or letters. The phrase "AI Builder form processing" has been replaced with "AI Builder document processing" because you can now automate a wider variety of documents with the customized AI model. Document processing models can be utilized in the same manner as cloud flows, Microsoft Power Apps, and our starter package for document automation. The use of technology to automate business operations with the intention of increasing productivity and cutting costs is referred to as "business process automation." It is important to understand the differences between Business Process Automation (BPA) and Industrial Automation (IA).

  • Industrial automation typically focuses on automating tasks that eliminate physical labor, including product assembly. Business process automation automates workflow automation and processes.

If a process satisfies the following requirements, it can be selected for automation

  • img The process is circular.
  • img It can be done without using reason or talking to anyone.
  • imgIt can be done without using reason or talking to anyone.
  • imgErrors must not be present.

Business process automation, which only focuses on a few activities among many others, is a part of the larger BPM discipline known as business process management. Monitoring and controlling a range of concurrent or sequential company activities is done using business process management, which includes everything from strategy to execution.

  •  power automate recognize, simplify, and automate technomax

    Recognize, Simplify, and Automate

    It is critical that you fully comprehend and assess the existing system before adopting automation. After that, you should aim to simplify it as much as possible, and only then should you include workflow automation, and then only if it is truly necessary.

  • Integration with current automation workflows

    All the business processes are distinct from one another. As a result, the automated process should interact easily with the existing procedures. Integration can occur at various stages of the automation of workflow process, but it is required for all workflow automation processes to function well in their surroundings.

    automation workflows power automate technomax
  • consistency power automate


    Other processes and their accompanying inputs and outputs should be consistent with the automated workflow processes.

  • Step-by-Step Procedure

    All of the necessary tasks do not have to be automated at once. You can divide the project into many stages depending on budgets, resources, and the overall logic of the business processes.

    step by step procedure power automate technomax
  • flexibility in process power automate technomax

    Flexibility in the process

    Business processes are prone to alter over time. These modifications should be included and reflected in the automation of workflow solutions.

  • Simplicity

    The goal of automation workflow is to simplify rather than complicate corporate procedures. After the automation of workflows, something is wrong if the process still needs a lot of human input.

    simplicity power automate technomax
  • educating the workforce power automate technomax

    Educating the workforce

    It is critical for employees to have a thorough awareness of the workflow automation for business processes to run smoothly. The more they understand a procedure, the better it will work. Automation of workflows involves more than just converting paper documents into digital information. It all comes down to streamlining and improving procedures to make them more effective, simple, error-free, and transparent.

Microsoft Power automate helps customers ​

  • Enhance Productivity

    With numerous prebuild connectors, enhance productivity of the team from individual tasks to process automation for large scale systems.​

  • Quick & Secure Automation

    With the Power of RPA services, convert all your mudance tasks into a simple, easy to use and secure automation with the power of low code power platform.​​

  • Infuse intelligence to workflows

    A workflow that can not only share intelligent output about the process, but also add on intelligence to its content empowers the team to focus on prime and strategic goals.

Take care of the essentials. Automate everything else.

With our Microsoft (MS) Power Automate consulting services, you can automate tedious jobs and paperless processes so you can focus your attention where it's most required.

  • img Automate more swiftly and safely ​

    With Microsoft Power Automate, everyone can develop automated processes using flows. Automate repetitive, monotonous operations with ease using low-code, drag-and-drop tools, and hundreds of pre-built connectors.

  • img Boost productivity

    With a process adviser, you can record and visualize your end-to-end processes, with guided advice for developing workflows and deep insights that take the guessing out of what to automate the workflows

  • img ​ AI can improve workflows

    With AI Builder, you can make your automation of workflows even smarter. Use document automation to quickly process forms, handle approvals, recognize images and text, or construct with prebuilt models. ​

power automate everything technomax

Benefits of Microsoft Power Automate

benefits of power automate technomax

With template-based approach as need be with custom connectors, Microsoft (MS) Power Automate shall be of immense benefit to the client.

  • img Fortify your Data​

    Power Automate workflows can help your organization to create specific datasets to be excluded to avoid data breach.​

  • img Seamless

    Seamless on Cloud as well as desktop​ Build it on cloud or you can build it using a desktop agent too. Its seamless.​​

  • img ​ Mobile First

    Create, Share, Approve with the Power Automate mobile app. Anyplace, Anywhere.​

  • img Collaboration​

    Link with Microsoft SharePoint & Microsoft teams for seamless collaboration with your team.​

Four different models are now supported by AI Builder. Let's examine the 4 AI Models.

Model for form processing

Form processing enables you to develop and apply models that extract data from forms using machine learning technology, thereby minimizing the manual work required to do so.

Model for Text Classification

It enables us to categorize textual components in business documents so that we may use them for tasks like sentiment analysis and spam identification. It permits categorizing the text according to the tags that have been provided to it.

Model for predicting and classifying

Learning to link previous data patterns with historical results, it forecasts yes/no business outcomes. Based on such findings, the prediction model looks for previously discovered patterns in fresh data to forecast future events.

Model for detecting objects

With object detection, we can use photos to train a model such that it can recognize objects from trained images.

Businesses must better integrate technology into their specialized business processes. Modernizing legacy applications and services to cloud-ready and always-on systems is crucial when implementing this shift. Microsoft 365 provides a range of tools and solutions to improve your current services and operations or adjust to new operational trends.

We'll demonstrate the great potential of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint for business process automation.

With the help of Microsoft 365's business process automation features like SharePoint Workflows, Power Automate, and Power Apps, Beyond Intranet has worked with many of its clients to increase business productivity and speed across departments and processes, automating workflows, enabling organizations to provide quick and digitally friendly customer experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Microsoft power apps?

Microsoft's Power Apps program enables you to quickly create and distribute robust low-code applications. It is a collection of software, services, and data platforms that enables rapid application development to create unique software based on corporate needs.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Power Apps?

It will be simple for you to automate manual operations, doing away with tiresome and repeated tasks. Power Apps can increase productivity and efficiency when they digitize currently manual or paper-based processes.

Can anybody work with PowerApps without a license?

No. To be clear, this means that without a license, we will not be able to access PowerApps. A license is required for each user of a Power App (whether he just wants to use an app or if he wants to create a new app).

What are the advantages of Microsoft Power Apps over other low-code platforms?

You may quickly construct a usable version of your app with Power Apps using low/no-code, inexpensive rates, and a reasonably quick turnaround to address business difficulties. Applications created with Power Apps include business logic and workflows that convert and automate manual procedures.

What are the advantages of Microsoft Power Apps over other low-code platforms?

You may quickly construct a usable version of your app with Power Apps using low/no-code, inexpensive rates, and a reasonably quick turnaround to address business difficulties. Applications created with Power Apps include business logic and workflows that convert and automate manual procedures.

What kind of apps can you build with Power Apps?

You may construct three different sorts of apps with Power Apps: canvas, model-driven, and portal.

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