Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps – From scheduling to automation and orchestration of tasks, application process, event triggers, and business processes, workflow, where in you can integrate your applications, data, system either within or outside your organization Azure Logic apps helps

Few service examples that can help you

Process and route orders across on-premises systems and cloud services .​ Send email notifications with Office 365 when events happen in various systems, apps, and services.​ Move uploaded files from an SFTP or FTP server to Azure Storage.​ Monitor tweets for a specific subject, analyze the sentiment, and create alerts or tasks for items that need review.


Azure Logic apps specialty​


  • img Pay as you go model​​

  • img Visually build workflows with easy-to-use tools

  • img Build using the azure logic app templates

  • imgBuild and run Azure logic apps anywhere​ Native out-of-box connectors iron out common integration challenges​​

  • img uild and run Azure logic apps anywhere​ B2B and enterprise messaging in the cloud​ User your existing BizTalk Server investments to connect to SaaS applications​​

  • img Utilize the azure services and augment your capabilities.​

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