In an organization's growing service delivery model, outsourcing plays a key role in enhancing business capabilities, enabling IT to assist operations, and enabling both business and citizen services. This model has changed ever since it was created. Companies began outsourcing their whole IT operations before transitioning to multi-sourcing, which involves working with several different alternative service providers for various "swim lanes" such as PCs, data centers, networks, support desks, etc. Although there have been substantial changes, none have had the impact that cloud computing has.

Although the process of digital transformation will never be easy, best practices and outsourcing together can yield excellent results.

When examining how cloud economics affects IT outsourcing solutions, there are five important factors to keep in mind:

  • Viewpoint Traditionally, IT Operations were viewed through the prism of the infrastructure it supported (i.e. physical servers or virtual machines). While infrastructure still has a function in a hybrid approach, the end application or solutions are now the focus.
  • Costs Because the environment is continuously optimized for the cloud, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) reduces costs both at the time of the migration and over time. As a result, operating expense models replace capital expense models.
  • Capabilities Reducing spending and combining data with new cloud platform capabilities open new options for investing in business enablement and the development of competitive capabilities. Plan beforehand.
  • Solutions The way we conceptualize solutions shifts from standalone customized to standardized cloud-based frameworks constructed from and combining various cloud platforms.
  • Operations Due to the new design of these settings, the demands, and duties of managing IT Operations have changed.

By selecting SharePoint as your corporate platform, you'll have a full suite of tools that simultaneously achieve a number of objectives: manage simple workflows, encourage human cooperation, improve the standard of the working process, and boost staff productivity.


We encourage you to fully use SharePoint’s features possible for the benefit of your business. By offering the whole cycle of SharePoint business solutions, customization, and support services for projects of varying complexity, we will assist you in getting the best Microsoft SharePoint solutions:

  • Business evaluation
  • Consulting and setting up
  • Project administration
  • Customization
  • Migration
  • Adaptation to business systems
  • Quality Control
  • Assistance and upkeep

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