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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you make an app unique using the Microsoft SharePoint platform?

  • Onboarding Process
  • Document Sharing
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Schedule Synchronization of Team Members
  • Maintains Older Versions of a Document
  • Invoice Processing
  • Inventories Management
  • Tasks Automation
  • Create Wiki Site
  • An Advanced Content Editor

How to improve the employee experience using Microsoft modern solutions?

The organizations which adopted modern solutions say that their employee's performance is enhanced. Modern solutions give fresh, creative thinking to develop an environment where people can perform their best work. Focusing on work habits, outlook, workspace, and technology is the first step toward unleashing talent. Microsoft's modern solution can create distinctive and contemporary solutions that help improve employee productivity and well-being thanks to its cutting-edge automation and AI capabilities.

How can Microsoft modern solutions be used to cut expenses?

Reduce IT administration costs by up to 40% and time spent on device management by up to 25% by automating system updates.

  • Boost output and morale among workers
  • Provide business updates.
  • Keep documents.
  • Connecting personnel
  • Cross-border team collaboration
  • Increasing output
  • Give workers a say in the business.

How safe is the data stored in the cloud?

Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage uses TLS encryption with 2048-bit keys to protect data sent there. Your files will be protected from hacking attempts and tracking while in transit thanks to our strong encryption.

Are there any industry-specific solutions available with Microsoft Modern Solutions?

Yes, Microsoft has launched solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services as well as for nonprofits.

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