How Microsoft Teams & SharePoint had helped in our transition to Work from Home Model? Back

February 21 2021
With the pandemic, most of the companies worldwide moved to remote work model. Though the situation was unpreceded, the adoption was another challenge. For an automation and innovation driven solution providing company like TechnomaX Systems, this was a challenge as we missed our regular walk the talk sessions or the teatime brainstorming. Apart from this, for team members with children it was a significant adjustment. We would admit that the challenges that we faced were similar to almost every employee in the world. However, Microsoft Teams is the best in the remote work scenario. Technology was at the front to make us all smile.
10 Tips for Using Microsoft Teams & SharePoint while working remotely The ten tips are from our experience, as to how Microsoft Teams & SharePoint helped us to be at the edge of our development & delivery driven business

1. Communicate – Chat or Call

A simple chat or a group chat, helped us to be on quick communication. Though we missed the walk to the desk to discuss, a video call came in handy for the quick check. Not to mention, we don’t need a conference room for collaboration. SharePoint made it easy.

2. Online Meetings

With meeting being online, enabled the team to join from any device and anywhere. Face to face interaction over video, helped to gain the same visual communications that happens in a conference room. Way simpler and more engaging depending upon the meeting type.

3. Adopt your background

Microsoft Teams background blur as well as the background setting helps to play as per the meeting schedule. We had a fortnightly engagement session, where in the team members came with their own background setting as per the theme to make it more engaging. Obviously, this was something not possible earlier in your regular face to face meeting at office.

4. Recording

The recording feature is the most valuable one, when you do whiteboard-based sessions. Helps to capture and re-check the same during our various development brainstorms.

5. Screen Share

Most effective way to manage and quickly conclude a task is by collaboration by screen share or like co-authoring and approvals. A screen share via teams helps us to quickly get the updates or feedback; with the help of SharePoint the document control and management became seamless at either end of the team to get and work on simultaneously.

6. Status Message & Notification

A seamless sync between the calendar and teams shows which of the team member is available for a quick chat or discussion. As well as a status message during break or lunch or key client calls, helps the team to plan the schedule accordingly.

7. Have fun

The channels in teams can help to create and ease the online collaboration as funny engagement too. We created a channel for the purpose of fun to share funny video clips, tech memes etc to the keep the team relaxed and engaged.

8. Notes & Actionable

Mostly the meeting gets into notes & actionable. With OneNote the meeting notes became a breeze to capture and share; by screen share its livelier. With the Planner, expediates, the actionable as tasks. The SharePoint Task management helped with granular level capture of tasks and helped us in our regular standup discussion through Gantt chart.

9. New name target tags

The new name target tags help to avoid typing in the name. This makes it easier to message someone or everyone to a specific tag at the same time.

10. Poll & Social

With the Teams poll, the Teams has become the go to channel to check with people regularly. With emojis, Gifs, stickers etc makes the engagement to fun and light. From discussion polls to what’s the best for the weekend Netflix watch, Teams makes it to be social.

At TechnomaX, content & collaboration service is our life. Hence, its imperative for us to be at latest adoption of technology to develop and deliver solutions for our clients. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner , be rest assured when you reach out to us for your collaboration requirements, you are in the right hands. Contact us on +97143347147