Resource Request




Microsoft SharePoint 2019


One of the UAE’s largest industrial investment holding companies, mandated by the Abu Dhabi Government to create, optimize, promote and champion capital- intensive assets.

As a key contributor to Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030, customer operates in four of the main industrial sectors listed in the vision through its portfolio companies. These are: metals; oil and gas services; construction and building materials; and food and beverages manufacturing.


Resource request form used to fill by the departments when a new resource is required. The workflow for this process will vary based on the grade and position of the resource sought for. This process was carried out manually before implementing in SharePoint. Some of the higher grades need to be approved by the CEO, other high-level employees and board members of the organization. So, the HR staff or the personal secretary need to inform them before for the approval. Sometimes the email regarding the request approval will be unnoticed by them, which consumes time and made the recruitment process lengthier. Also, the recruiting position is all new position, then HR need to create the job description for that particular position.


TechnomaX automated the resource request process with the following features.

  • Notification to all the approvers in portal as well as in the mailbox.
  • Given the provision to select/ create the job description in the same form if it is a new position.
  • The system will decide the approval workflow based on the job grade and age.
  • Provided different workflow levels for resource request and job description.


Automation of the resource request & job description process allowed the customer to reach several goals:

  • Reduced the time taken for the approvals
  • Allowed the board members/ CEO to approve the request from any device, anywhere.
  • The form saves in SharePoint which is having access for all the employees. This helped the organization to improve the efficiency.
  • Enabled the HR department to make the dashboard based on the request received from each department.
  • Enabled each level of approvers to give the comments for clarification
  • Combined the two different process as one.