Legal Services




Microsoft SharePoint 2019


One of the UAE’s largest industrial investment holding companies, mandated by the Abu Dhabi Government to create, optimize, promote and champion capital- intensive assets.

As a key contributor to Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030, customer operates in four of the main industrial sectors listed in the vision through its portfolio companies. These are: metals, oil and gas services; construction and building materials; and food and beverages manufacturing.


The legal services consisted of Litigation, HR, Corporate & Commercial.

This process used to initiate by the end user from an existing system but that was not user friendly. Which made many of the users to do it manually in paper. So, the legal department lost track for these requests because many of them were using the system and others were using the paper works. This made the client to search for a platform which should be user friendly and simple to use for the end users.


Using SharePoint native out of the box features, TechnomaX automated the process. This addressed

  • Escalation to the Head of Department in case of no action from the line manager
  • Ticket cancellation in case of no action in 24 hours
  • Notification to the legal department to raise the tickets.


Automation of the Legal services process allowed the Customer to reach several goals:

  • Simple and easy to use for non-technical persons also
  • Became a unified platform for employees to raise the requests for legal service
  • User got the single platform to share, communicate and collaborate through the automated form.
  • Escalation in the workflow made the process to finish on time
  • Allowed the user to attach all the supporting documents.