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Customer is a leading systems and solutions provider for aseptic packaging. They work in partnership with the clients to deliver food and beverages to consumers across the world in a safe, sustainable and affordable way. They provide their clients with a complete range of packs, flexible filling machines and solutions for operating smarter factories, all to address the ever-changing needs of consumers. Founded 1853, it is headquartered in Neuhausen, Switzerland.

Industry Food Packaging
Employees 5000+
Technology Microsoft SharePoint

As an organization, their communication was mostly centered around emails and paper documents. The management of records, extracting the required records in time & tracking the status became a difficult job for the employees. All these bottlenecks resulted in delays in documents extraction, tracking & decision making. Also, due to the manual maintenance of document management system, client was not able to utilize its current employees in a most efficient way to increase the overall productivity and returns.

The current challenge faced by the client is lack of a common platform that would enable effective delivery, improve customer services, increase operational efficiency, and work collaboratively.

The main challenges faced by the employees were:

  • Waste of time to locate information.
  • Knowledge is lost dispersed among employees and former employees.
  • Excessive use of email.
  • Lack of business process automation.
  • Difficulty to work from anywhere.
  • File duplication and lack of control.

TechnomaX proposed a corporate intranet portal with a document management system to overcome all the above challenges. It includes the following features:

  • Speed up the works.
  • Make it more user friendly.
  • Transparent with centralized access to all its authorized users.
  • Centralized Administration. 
  • Easy and Effective to maintain control of the entire platform.
  • Facilitates communication and access to information.
  • Shares knowledge and ideas.
  • Provides a single, secure reliable access to manage information.
  • Streamlines document distribution.  
  • Centralized the storage of key corporate data.
  • Increases productivity.  
  • Improve business results.