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A credit notes or credit memo is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer. Credit notes act as a Source document for the Sales return journal.

In other words, the credit note is evidence of the reduction in sales. The credit can be provided to the customer as money, or it can be applied to future purchases. Currently in the organization, credit note form is filled by the user and submitting to the concerned persons for approval. If any of the approving authority is on leave, then the credit note form remained on the authority’s desk and it was a major cause of delay. So, the releasing of credit note will take almost 40-45 days. Based upon the threshold value, the approval level too varies, and it would sequentially move up based upon the valuation.


Technomax proposed a Lean Credit Note (CN) tool to define the process of creation and approval of various credit notes. It is a way of automating the entire process and keeping track of all the credit notes which are being raised and approved by various business units of the organization.

The main features of the CN tool are:

  • Ease of credit note data entry.
  • No manual error during credit note data entry.
  • Swift and integrated system for the complete process.

The CN process followed as below:

  • Once the user selects and enters the details in the credit note form with all the data required for approval, the form is submitted for further processing in the system.
  • CN tool follows the hierarchy of approvals as defined based on the CN type and value of the credit note.
  • Once the above approval is provided, the credit note is shared with the Initiator or the business user who will be in-charge of creating the demand in the SAP.
  • The demand reference from SAP, triggers in SP to move the credit note to controller for release.
  • Once the Controller releases the credit note, the initiator enters the billing number and attachment of the credit note into the portal. After this update is done, the user submits for closure. This will trigger an email to all required stakeholders and end the workflow for the credit note.


  • The system had a clearly defined timer window for each approval and action. Based upon the value, it had an auto approval as well as rejection system in place.
  • An escalation to the next level will happen after 48 hours. The process can get terminated or kept on hold as per the priority of the credit note.
  • User can see the reports in his/her dashboard of all credit notes raised or pending for action with them.