Engagement Satisfaction Survey




Microsoft SharePoint 2019


One of the UAE’s largest industrial investment holding companies, mandated by the Abu Dhabi Government to create, optimize, promote and champion capital- intensive assets.

As a key contributor to Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030, Client operates in four of the main industrial sectors listed in the vision through its portfolio companies. These are: metals; oil and gas services; construction and building materials; and food and beverages manufacturing.


Employee engagement satisfaction survey form is used by the internal audit department to collect the feedbacks and comments from the employees regarding the service of the audit department. These feedbacks were valuable to them in the efforts to continually improve the service of the internal audit department.


After analyzing the client’s requirement and functionalities of the form, TechnomaX decides to automate the engagement satisfaction survey template. Bringing our expertise into form designing

  • The form was divided into sections as planning, field work, reporting & general.
  • In each section will be having questions and the scores (user has to select the score)
  • Internal audit department will initiate the forms and will send to the other department staff.
  • After filling the form, the total score has to be calculated by the system


Automation of the employee engagement satisfaction survey allowed the Customer to reach several goals:

  • To calculate the overall score based on the rating in the form.
  • To identify and improve the area in which the department got less score
  • Instead of keeping all the records of the engagement survey as a hardcopy, now the SharePoint form allows the department to store as a list in the system
  • Easy to search and calculate the scores in year wise