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Microsoft SharePoint online


This hotel and asset management firm had evolved over the years into a hospitality group that encompasses hotels, restaurants, destination management services, catering and transportation. Under its Hotels Division, the client owns some of the most reputable and recognizable hotels in the Emirate and beyond


The client was brainstorming about how to improve the efficiency of the employees’ work. There were around 9 hospitality services under the customer organization which is managed by 9 different offices. There wasn’t any uniform communication and each entity had their own communication mode, which happened to hamper the brand as well as the employees got lost in the communication. This majorly led to collaboration problems as different team followed different set of standards.

As companies continue to become more and more decentralized, client realized that intranets are becoming increasingly important in the business landscape. Collaboration portals are the fastest growing segment of the internet because they are less expensive to maintain compared to private networks.

TThe challenges are: -

  • To present information for all employees in a structured, well-organized and user-friendly manner.
  • Staff were growing increasingly disturbed with the amount of time it was taking to find customer data or up to date information about ongoing client document because it wasn’t easily accessible.
  • There was a growing reliance upon email for storing and sharing documents throughout the company.
  • The lack of a centralized document management solution caused an increase in duplicate data throughout the organization.


TechnomaX with the help of REMO helped the customer to have collaboration portal in quick time. REMO helped the client with

TThe challenges are: -

  • Transparent, simple-to-use and open tool for collaboration among all employees of the Company, based on Microsoft SharePoint Online.
  • Simplified display of information.
  • Contains building blocks and tools: news, calendar, recent activities list, discussions, blogs, surveys, e-library, meeting room management, job vacancies, classified ads, menu, widgets.
  • Accessible via mobile devices.


The implementation of the corporate intranet portal allowed the customer to reach several vital goals:

  • Employees were offered quick and simple access to the right information, saving their time and the company’s money.
  • Enhanced cooperation and communication among the employees at all levels.
  • Simplified business processes and improved employee productivity.
  • Increased employee commitment and loyalty to the Company.
  • Helped the company and its business units to communicate through a centralized platform.