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Client has provided banking and financial services to millions of customers and businesses since 1967.

Established in 1968, Client is an ISO 9001 certified automotive powerhouse in the Northern emirates of UAE. The Group is among the most highly respected conglomerates in the Middle East. Delivering exceptional customer experience is at the heart of everything. This is the sole distributor for three key brands and having close relations with each; Nissan, Infiniti and Renault.


In a massive organization, it is difficult to deal without a centralized document management and collaboration system. Sharing of massive information and documents was horrible through email. It led to delay in works.

The client’s lack of data control and team collaboration was starting to affect their productivity which, in turn, reduced effective collaboration and teamwork resulting in productivity loss.

This was a major concern for the business owners within the organization and the problem needed to be addressed immediately through the implementation of an effective solution.

The challenges were:

  • The lack of a centralized document management solution in addition to the absence of an effective document management strategy has resulted in their client’s data becoming ineffectual.
  • Staff were increasingly disturbed with the amount of time it was taking to find customer data or up to date information about ongoing client document because it wasn’t easily accessible.
  • There was a growing reliance upon email for storing and sharing documents throughout the company.
  • The lack of a centralized document management solution caused an increase in duplicate data throughout the organization.


After analyzing the Client’s requirements TechnomaX team decided to develop a corporate intranet portal with document management system.

  • Centralized access to information - Provide the team members with centralized access to information that is delivered in an easy-to-use and searchable manner. Help them to provide personalized views of information for each department or subsidiary organizations. Search based on taxonomy, keywords or pre-defined search queries. 
  • Latest version - By using an intranet client was able to do away with the confusion of which document or spreadsheet is the latest version as it’s updated in real time, without the need for sending back and forth via email.
  • Time management - Effectively management of time instead of sending documents through mail.
  • Enhancing the collaborative environment - The portal fostered knowledge-transfer and information sharing through a collaborative environment. Provided team workspaces and easy-to-use content authoring tools, so teams can work together in a digital environment to accomplish projects.


The implementation of the corporate intranet portal with document management allowed the customer to reach several vital goals:

  • It acts as a gateway of knowledge allowing employees to store, access and share the content and documents securely and easily with just a few clicks.
  • Security and Reliability. Intranets often offer significant advantages in security and privacy over the Internet and other forms of electronic communication. 
  • Provides organization the ability to protect the integrity of data from unauthorized use. This includes managing permissions to sites, lists, folders, documents.
  • Act as a document management and storage system. Productivity and profitability have increased.
  • The implemented SharePoint Online is the single centralized document management repository that provides all the functionality the company requires for efficient client and records management.
  • Client data management has been streamlined through the introduction of SharePoint Online increasing business case efficiency and improving productivity, customer service and client relations.
  • All electronic email correspondence is now saved in SharePoint with the respective files and customer information.
  • The staff are now collaborating more effectively and sharing knowledge from the same through the intranet portal.
  • The introduction of search capability has made it quick and easy for their staff to find up to date information.
  • Document version tracking is active and access permissions have been applied at both user and group level, ensuring that all staff only have access to their respective client case details.