Effective SharePoint Migration tips – Part 4 – Execution Back

December 16 2020
Once the test migration is successful and upon carrying out the optimization plan, the actual migration can be planned. The actual migration is generally carried out in two phases
  • Actual migration – multiple phases
  • Incremental migration – final phase

The actual migration is based upon the criticality of the sites or the files/folder. They are planned during off-hours either in the weekday or over the weekends. There are multiple tools that shall help in the seamlessly carrying out the migration.

The Phased migration is carried out in multiple steps. It carried out as multiple subsets of activities or group of activities as migration steps. Each of these is validated upon migration before the closure of the specific migration activity.

Incremental migration – Final phase is the last activity before the production go-live. These are the last point in time incremental migration that is carried out before the go-live. This is a quick and fast activity, as most of the site and content is already live in the SP Online environment. However, as a last point in time activity, the incremental migration is carried out only for the changeover or incremental files/folders that needs to be migrated.

After this incremental migration, the source environment is locked down and the users are only allowed to work in the new targeted environment. As the users have got used to the new way of working in the phased migration, switching them over completely to the new targeted environment is easy and adoption would be also a success.