Effective SharePoint Migration tips – Part 3 – Test Back

December 15 2020
As pre-SharePoint migration activities are over, the pen-ultimate activities before the actual migration are
  • Ensuring the readiness of the target environment
  • Carrying out a test POC

1. Ensuring the readiness of the target environment

One of the main activities as we prepare for migration is to ensure the target environment is ready. The key activities to be performed at the target environment are

  • Develop and build the targeted information architecture.
  • Plan and implement the foundation permission sets for the various sites that being planned in the target environment.
  • Plan and implement the foundation configuration to the target environment.
  • Prepare the checklist of customization that would be needed for the target environment.
    • a. Choose wisely as being SharePoint online, let it not be a heavily customized portal.
    • b. Implement the customization as per the need.
  • If not, still needs to be migrated to Microsoft SharePoint Online, how long would it take to build the same or prepare the structure properly?

2. Carrying out a test POC

The best suggestion before carrying out migration is to identify the test scenarios and doing the test migration. These can be planned by the following activities

  • Choose a small complex environment.
  • Choose few customized webparts.
  • Choose a medium to complex folder/site.
  • Choose an environment with complex permission list.

Prepare the test migration environment based upon these scenarios. Similarly create the checklist for the success criteria. Once above both scenarios are ready, carryout the test migration. The success of this test migration shall help to successfully plan and execute the target environment migration. Once the test migration is completed, do review the environment, the success criteria’s, the areas of improvements shall help to plan the enhancement as well as optimization needed for the migration.