SharePoint 2013 On-Prem to Online Migration


Manufacturing – Pipe Industry


Microsoft SharePoint online




Client is a Dubai-headquartered fiberglass pipe system design and manufacturing company active in the oil and gas, water and industrial sectors. Founded in Dubai in 1984, has 12 factories worldwide.


Corporate information of the client was stored in the on-prem environment. They maintained a separate server for that. As a one-time investment, The client preferred their own server even though the hardware and the licensing costs were very high. Not only the costs, SharePoint On-Premises was maintained by a dedicated IT team and it should be kept up to date with patches and other updates.

Reliability needs to be ensured by the client itself by investing on manpower and hardware infrastructure that also involves more work. Server down is also a common issue in on-prem.

Whenever the server goes down, the employees must wait for a long time till it responds. It leads to consume employees’ time.


Because of the maintenance cost and the security issues, the client was looking for a platform, where the files can be stored without any maintenance costs and infrastructure costs. Technomax suggested them to migrate their files from on-prem to online through the SharePoint migrating tool.


The implementation of the corporate intranet portal with document management allowed the customer to reach several vital goals:

  • As it is a cloud-based platform, the organization also benefit from lower cost of managing the IT infrastructure. Additionally, this also provides the benefits of centralizing all organization content at a single location making it easier to manage your corporate content.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Cloud deployment of SharePoint has zero infrastructure requirements.
  • No downtime for online. Hence it does not consume employee’s time.
  • No need to take backup regularly. Document security was inherently controlled by the o365 environment from Microsoft. So the client will get a relief from maintaining regular backup files.