Shipping logistics Firm transforms its audit control using Microsoft Power platform


Shipping, logistics and management


Power Automate


Customer is an independent international ship management company for ocean going vessels. Being in the field of Ship management and logistics, they manage multiple fleet of vessels across various shipping companies ranging from 57,000 DWT. (MT) up to 79,000 DWT. All vessels meet the present stringent safety and environmental requirements and are subject to intensive maintenance programs. Their services include

  • Total Management of Ships or Technical/ Commercial/ Crew Management as per client’s requirement
  • Pre – purchase & / or pre – management inspections.  
  • Technical superindentencies.
  • Dry docking liaison & budget projection.
  • Surveys – periodic & / or occasional.
  • Providing qualified workshops for the desired make of machineries.
  • Procuring of spares & stores.
  • Providing “Riding squad” with class approved welders / fitters.


Coming from the logistics industry, documentation was a key aspect of their industry. It not only involved the right document gets updated for the right port but also involved publishing the latest document as per the various audit authorities requirement for different vessels across different ports includes words and excel documents, with various ships branding guidelines including maintenance of all the audit document hard copies at the ports. Even though some of the documents might not be required at certain ports they were still carried for just in case

This created delays at the various port of hangar towards received the documents, and stress on the fleet crew to check and validate or await near the port for receiving the right set of documents. This manual process impacted their activities as well as reputation of the shipping company’s reputation due to these delays.


Leveraging the strength of Microsoft Power platform, TechnomaX team helped them to achieve it through automation. Driven for compliance, TechnomaX team built the scalable solution, that transformed their document publishing process to automate the time-consuming repetitive tasks.

Power Automate  – Manually triggered flows eliminate or minimize the coordination overhead and context switching between applications. Automated flows send alerts and notifications upon completion of particular events or holdups in the evaluation process.

By building customized connector in the Power Automate for document publishing for both word and excel, helped to achieve as well as automate the requirement from the compliance perspective.

Powerautomate Impact

The Power Automate solution streamlined the compliance document publishing process, delivering effective and efficient publishing. This also brought in much needed time saving as well as doing away with the hard copy document printouts at the port level. This helped them to achieve a seamless and centralized publishing of compliance documents for various shipping lines for the various ports.

  • Power Automate integration helped to publish documents as per the various shipping line needs
  • SharePoint document libraries ensured the documents are accessed as per the user control.  
  • Email notifications carrying the respective document copies as per the publishing.
  • Document security and control driven by role-based access addresses all the industry driven compliance needs.


Automation of the policy/ information documents allows the client to

  • Able to respond to dynamic compliance documents that gets released by respective ports in days/hours rather than weeks/months
  • Able to adopt to respective shipping lines branding guidelines   
  • A single repository driven by SharePoint online and power automate as controlled repositories.