Cooling Service Provider simplifies spare parts support process and saves 16 hours per support staff a month


UAE’s largest service provider of colling solutions improved their customer service by relying on Power Automate and SharePoint. Client used Microsoft Power Automate to simplify, streamline and automate their process spare parts enquiry process. This helped them to achieve seamlessly almost 10mins per transaction to a total of 16 hours per month. Also enabled a quick turnaround time, towards stock availability update to client and partners.

“The Power Automate helped to enable our support service team towards a quick decision making with least dependency on the warehouse team.”


The Client business (then known as Electronic Appliances Company) was established in Abu Dhabi as a domestic appliance retailer. They have been the market leader in the UAE for almost 50 years, pioneering the cooling products and services of tomorrow for a greener, cleaner world. In collaboration with our exclusive partners Fujitsu General and Midea. They are defining the future of commercial and residential cooling in the region. And underpinning this with stand-out service and support.


Excel analysis automated

Initially the support staff delved into excel to understand the stock inventory of the spare parts. The data in the excel was not the updated one as well as the pricing. Hence, it always involved the support staff based upon the enquiry to follow-up with warehouse and operations department towards the price and available quantity. This slow process made it hard to track the availability of spare parts; also, the support staff felt severed as they couldn’t reply with a proper availability and price details to the client requests.


TechnomaX along with client proposed the solution using Power Automate and SharePoint. All the data from their legacy application were uploaded into SharePoint. The SharePoint environment was connected to the legacy application using Power Automate connectors. Thus, the inventory of the spare parts pertaining to various AC models were update. The entire stock details were built at a metadata level for a strong search functionality built using Microsoft Search.

Based upon the search criteria, a Power Automate workflow then automatically picks the data and uses client calculation criteria to arrive at the respective price point for the related spare parts; also, at the same time giving the result exactly about the spare parts availability at different warehouse of the client with exact quantity.

When the support staff, needs further clarity relating to spare parts, the automation engine also pulls in and shows the respective manual relating to the part whether it’s an indoor model or an outdoor model. This helps the support staff to validate their decision of suggesting the right spare part for client requested AC models.Once the relevant information is arrived at, through Power Automate on special cases the support staff generates a pdf printout with all the spare parts information to be shared as an email.

Quick Turnaround, Hours saved

The Power automate enabled process relieved the dependency on excel for stock information. Thus, with this spare parts automation application, the support staff average turnaround time from 10-15 mins have come down to 2-5 mins. Thus, its estimated there was a 50% improvement in productivity as well as saving of 16 hours per support staff per month.This SharePoint and Power Automate driven system, enabled their support staff to see a clear picture of the spare parts across various model, their quantity across various warehouses and their pricing too.


According to client, “TechnomaX delivery using the Power Automate and SharePoint for the spare parts automation dramatically improved the support staff efficiency in our client support requests. Time saved is a RoI.”

“The Power Platform empowered our staff, and we can see how impactful it can be, when the right set of tools gets implemented by a strong partner like TechnomaX.”

Client was able to achieve the following with this automation project

  • Easy to track the inventory of the spare parts across various warehouse location.
  • Up-to-date pricing and availability of various spare parts.
  • Quick suggestions to their customer by presenting both the applicable as well as alternative spare parts.
  • Savings in terms of productive hours for their support staff.