Sales Discount Process- Power Automate Back


Our client was established in Abu Dhabi as a domestic appliance retailer. Its launch in the Middle East revolutionized the AC industry in the region and put them on the map as the authority on cooling. They became the largest distributor of window ACs in the region in 1980. They also launched the region’s first automated AC warranty traceability system. During 2015, they became the first AC supplier in the region to create a dedicated Energy Solutions Division. The process of manually doing sales discount and keeping track of them became tedious.


Excel analysis automated

The sales discount process followed by the organization was primarily done manually in excel. It took them around 5 days to complete one whole cycle. This resulted in inefficiencies and multiple revisions which lead to increased timeline on the discount process, which in turn affected the whole task. The information was scattered across multiple emails since emails were used main mode of communication for discount approval.. Requesting approvals to each level was burdensome as well as time consuming. Level wise approvers gaining all information about the sale at one place was also another lengthy process because of communication gaps.


TechnomaX proposed the solution using Power Automate and SharePoint. The system scanned and stored all the data from the excel sheet, display it on the dashboard and sends to the respective people. As per the discount structure, the excel macro used to create the approval. Using Power Automate, we read the excel dynamically and shared it as per the approval structure for discount approval. This Power Automate driven system, enabled their sales staff to see a clear picture of each individual sale including their deal status.


Client was able to achieve the following with this automation project

  • Salespeople could now see discount approval updates in real time.
  • Approvers were notified immediately when their approval was needed on a particular deal discount thus saving time
  • The whole process became smooth and efficient
  • A dashboard to view each deal and information related to it at one place made the whole process orderly
  • The sales people still used the excel macro for their discount generation, however Power Automate helped to streamline their process more efficiently.