Visa and Emirates ID renewal process automated Back


Our customer supplies rigid containers to all the user industries in the Gulf region that require packaging for their products. The major user industries being catered to include lubricants, chemicals, paints, edible oils, and ghee industries. Continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology and dedicated support to customers has made them a leader in the packaging industry.


Our client has an enormous support staff of more than 600 expatriates. As the UAE government is generous enough to allow expatriates from all around the world to stay and earn in their country, a valid visa and emirates id is given to them for a certain period. This visa and emirates id need to be renewed after that period. Our client was doing this using a manual method to keep a check for expiry dates and needed a better way to execute this process.


In collaboration with the client, TechnomaX came up with a RPA (Robotic Process Automation solution) for automating this whole renewal process. The PRO would now need to upload the documents to a folder, the system would read the data and push it to the Oracle system. The Oracle system would now send alerts if the visa or emirates id of any employee was about to expire. Also, the visa and emirates id of each employee would now be stored against their information.


The client was able to achieve the following with this Power Automate project:

  • No delays in filing for renewal for a visa or emirates id of an employee
  • Central database of information of each employee stored for reference
  • Alerts sent to the PRO based upon the expiry dates of the emirates id
  • Manual checking and record-keeping of expiry dates process was fully automated