Letter generation and approval automation Back


Our customer works closely with their founding partners Fujitsu General and developed the world’s first desert specified AC unit. Its launch in the Middle East revolutionized the AC industry in the region, and put them on the map as the authority on cooling. They also formed an exclusive partnership with Midea RAC - a global leader in the HVAC marketplace.


In UAE, for all building cooling projects, specific approvals from individual government organization are needed based upon the emirate of the project. . Earlier, the client was using manual methods for generating letters and getting approvals on those letters. There are different formats for each letter based upon the government organization, which are required to be printed and then sent to different level of approvers. After approvals, the letter had to be scanned and sent to the government organization. All of this required a fair amount of time and a dedicated person.


TechnomaX helped the client to fully migrate into an automated process. This automated process would allow them to request for the letter online, the format would come default and some of the common details would be auto filled. Letter gets generated, filled, and goes for validation. After validation the letter is sent to the approver. This whole process takes around 10 minutes saving a pile of work which was earlier consumed in the manual process.


Client was able to achieve the following with this power automate project:

  • 10 minutes or less for the whole process
  • Formats available readily as well as common fields are auto filled saving time
  • Reduced manual errors leading to improved efficiency
  • Getting approvals on the letters became systematic
  • Quick to know status for various letters generated for different projects.