Contract Management System using SharePoint Online




Microsoft SharePoint Online


Founded almost four decades ago as a hotel and asset management firm, today they evolved into a hospitality group that encompasses hotels, restaurants, destination management services, catering and transportation. Under its Hotels Division, the client owns some of the most reputable and recognizable hotels in the Emirate and beyond.


The organizations have 20,000-40,000 contracts and 60-80% of all business transactions are governed by contracts or agreements, which on average take upwards of 3 weeks to draft. However, organization do not have a clearly defined enterprise-wide process for drafting, reviewing, negotiating and managing contracts. Rarely is there clear visibility of contracts, which are often archived on paper or electronic systems, where key contract milestones, commitments and obligations remain hidden. On certain cases there is lacuna to the extent of 10% of all executed contracts are lost.

  • Since the forms are available on the client website, all the external users can access the website and initiate the request for the brochure distribution form.
  • This made the requestors to get the status updates through email notification instead of visiting the security & the property management office.
  • Microsoft forms helped the IT departments to edit & update the forms when needed.
  • Made the life easier by helping you automate any repetitive, low-effort, but time-consuming task such as notification sorting, data collection, alerting, pinging, and so on.
  • Since we used Microsoft flow for brochure distribution, it helped the client to integrate with other applications easily.


After analyzing the client requirements, TechnomaX decided to implement the brochure distribution form in SharePoint online and the workflow using Power automate. This form was given in the website so that external people can raise request using this form whenever needed without going to the security & the property management department. The requestor will get notified based on the approval from the security & the property management department. Based on the approval the flyers/brochures can be distributed in the residential area.


The challenges are: -

  • The legal team is inundated with submissions and requests for new contracts
  • Those making deals waste time making phone calls and emails to check statuses of other contracts
  • Contract revisions and edits are lost in different versions in multiple locations
  • Renewals and obligations are not tracked, costing organizations recurring charges, and revoking the ability to re-negotiate terms
  • Increased regulatory reporting and compliance risk
  • Increasing risk associated with contract obligations and rights
  • Lack of formal control over content governance and document assembly
  • Disconnection between document scanning system and contract management system