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Founded almost four decades ago as a hotel and asset management firm, today they evolved into a hospitality group that encompasses hotels, restaurants, destination management services, catering and transportation. Under its Hotels Division, the client owns some of the most reputable and recognizable hotels in the Emirate and beyond:

Industry Hospitality
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The organizations have 20,000-40,000 contracts and 60-80% of all business transactions are governed by contracts or agreements, which on average take upwards of 3 weeks to draft. However, organization do not have a clearly defined enterprise-wide process for drafting, reviewing, negotiating and managing contracts. Rarely is there clear visibility of contracts, which are often archived on paper or electronic systems, where key contract milestones, commitments and obligations remain hidden. On certain cases there is lacuna to the extent of 10% of all executed contracts are lost. The challenges are:

The challenges are: -

  • The legal team is inundated with submissions and requests for new contracts
  • Those making deals waste time making phone calls and emails to check statuses of other contracts
  • Contract revisions and edits are lost in different versions in multiple locations
  • Renewals and obligations are not tracked, costing organizations recurring charges, and revoking the ability to re-negotiate terms
  • Increased regulatory reporting and compliance risk
  • Increasing risk associated with contract obligations and rights
  • Lack of formal control over content governance and document assembly
  • Disconnection between document scanning system and contract management system

In order to overcome the major hurdle, TechnomaX implemented the contract management system using SharePoint online. This helps streamline the contract management process by quickly moving contracts from one step to the next to keep the contract moving forward to completion. One person or in parallel, once the person approves the next person in the workflow is notified, ensuring the contract moves from one stage in the process to the next, quickly and seamlessly. Notifications are sent to authorized people using automated emails to alert them to new tasks. Notifications can also be used to alert authorized managers that the contract is ready for signing.

  • Central Repository and Control of Enterprise Wide contract
  • Automated Workflows for Contract Review and Task Management
  • Reduce Risk with Automated Alerts
  • Records Management
  • Allows users to save time managing contracts and focus on higher-value work
  • Helps users stay on top of critical deadlines and milestones.