Assigning Administrator access in O365 tenant. Back

April 13 2020
How to check & assign administrators access in O365 tenant?
Multiple ways to check and assign the administrator access.

Security measure to be taken:

  • Create dedicated Office 365 global administrator accounts and use them only when necessary.
  • At least three global administrator user accounts and assign them individual roles to perform daily tasks.
  • Configure multi-factor authentication for your dedicated Microsoft Office 365 global administrator accounts and use the strongest form of secondary authentication.

To Check & Assign Access:

Login into O365 admin account.
Click arrow admin arrow Roles arrow Global admin arrow and you can view how many users are assigned for global admin access.

Screenshot of the Microsoft 365 Admin center

Go to admin center arrow Users arrow Active users arrow select the user name arrow account tab arrow Roles arrow for the email address “Global admin” role has been assigned.

Screenshot of the admin priveledge.