Everything you need to know about intranet portals - A case study on Microsoft SharePoint Back

June 7 2022
Private networks (also known as intranets) have been operating for more than 20 years and have served as a hub for internal communication and cooperation within commercial enterprises. They have substantially advanced over time and currently have a wide range of adaptable features and functionalities. Intranets have a lot to offer and can develop into much more than just a file-sharing platform if used well.
Effective collaboration, immediate access to organized and unstructured data, and the ability to retain employee engagement are all made possible by efficient intranets. These intranets also help firms drive innovation and safely develop their goods and services. One of the various options on the market is the SharePoint intranet. Nevertheless, up to 80% of Fortune 500 organizations are said to rely on SharePoint, and for good reason. The main advantages include outstanding flexibility, an excellent environment for application development, excellent security, and ongoing updates and enhancements to the user experience. Continue reading to learn more about the SharePoint intranet if you're considering using it in your company.

SharePoint Intranet is Appropriate for All Sized Organizations

Although SharePoint intranets may be the most popular among enterprise-level firms, they are appropriate for all sizes of companies. The major challenge for large firms is keeping teams informed, especially if they employ remote workers. They also need to discover a solution that meets their standards for functionality and user-friendliness and is good enough to allow efficient cross-team collaboration. Don't forget about the integration of the ERM and CRM programs, which hold all the vital information for the business. Companies prioritize data security and ease of management since communication flows in many different directions (e.g., with external partners and customers, among important stakeholders internally).
Naturally, medium-sized businesses have fewer departments, but they still want a solution that would enable easy expansion. They can select either on-premises Microsoft SharePoint or the cloud, depending on their budget and whether they control their own IT infrastructure.
Last but not least, small businesses seek adaptability and cost-effective solutions that will support future growth. They typically employ off-the-shelf tools since they emphasize other costs above using proprietary tools and software.
SharePoint can meet the needs of any size organization thanks to its team sites, excellent information management features, customizing tools, and branding options. The only exception is that larger businesses have greater demands and can gain significantly from investing in tailored solutions.

SharePoint intranet comes with a wealth of capabilities that you can use to build an excellent intranet for your business. You can guarantee:

  • Optimum workflow and document management
  • Excellent teamwork, regardless of the time zone and location of the teams involved
  • Immediately available on PC and mobile devices
  • Clearly defined business procedures that run without a hitch
  • Working and interacting with 3D content (thanks to SharePoint Spaces and the mixed reality technology)
  • Individualized user experiences (thanks to AI technology)
  • Increased output and improved time management
  • Editing and assessing content in real-time

Your staff doesn’t have to abandon their current tools or learn new ones if they use various platforms. Different integrations are supported by the SharePoint intranet. These consist of:

  • CRM programs
  • Systems for ERP and ECM
  • Immediately available on PC and mobile devices
  • BI programs
  • There are numerous IT service management solutions.
This is helpful, especially if you've previously expended a lot of time creating a specialized system for resource management, content management, or any other business intelligence tool. Working professionals who use their own systems—such as sales representatives, business analysts, marketers, or project managers—can cooperate within a platform thanks to app connectivity.
At TechnomaX Systems, we provide a wide range of intranet services, from intranet construction and customization to testing and maintenance. We can give you the best platform performance possible because you deserve it. Contact us right away to streamline your SharePoint workflow.