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By being fuel-agnostic and technology-neutral in its approach, our client delivers optimal technical and financial asset delivery and operations and maintenance solutions to satisfy customer requirements at the lowest possible cost. By optimizing value retention in the local economy, defending, and promoting environmental sustainability, and safeguarding the health and safety of the company's personnel in the communities in which it operates, significant focus is placed on social and economic development.

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Employees always need to log their issues as well as the objectives of their tasks. To maintain & update these and to share them with their colleagues and managers. This would always require them to create a separate sheet for themselves and share it often with others. This would not always be in sync and would create havoc for managers who must manage several employees and their work.


Our power app solution of the log of employee objective details was suggested to our client which they were readily excited for. This power app is simple to use by the employees and by their managers as well. Once data is updated in the app, it is sent across the organization to keep tabs and maintain consistent data as well. Objective name, its details, targeted timelines, percentage completed according to the quarters, the status of the objective, and the department are taken into account to maintain the status of each employee’s objective.

  • This app and data resulted in more logical and well-designed updates, which boosts overall company performance. It was challenging to create an app that could meet all This email is protected by Microsoft Azure Information Protection - TechnomaX Systems. their requirements, but the client was happy with the end result and we as a team love to take on challenges and take them head-on.
  • This app reduced the time spent on manually creating sheets as well as sharing them and allocates their time more effectively to tasks that add value.
  • The integrative features also mean that your cost and time savings are not restricted to a single program but can be felt throughout your entire workflow, resulting in an increase in productivity. Employees could track their objectives as well as their previous issues with quarterly driven data.