Bond Consolidation Back


Our client has regional offices in Dubai, Istanbul, Cairo, Rabat, Johannesburg, Hanoi, and Beijing in addition to its headquarters in Saudi Arabia. On three continents, it invests in, develops, co-owns, and manages a portfolio of 32 facilities with the ability to produce 2.5 million m3/day of desalinated water and 22.8 GW of electricity. Over 3,000 employees are employed by our client and its operating subsidiaries on projects in 11 different nations.

Industry Electricity
Technology Power Apps

Challenges for the client:

  • There isn't a process in place to manage and keep track of bonds, new requests, or history. Excel sheets were being utilized earlier.
  • There is no monitoring of the bonds' or requests' lifecycles.
  • Inability to trace the history of bonds and submissions using aggregated dashboards.

Using information from several SharePoint lists, we created a business app that is impenetrable using Microsoft Power Apps. To create and assign bonds to various individuals, collect the relevant information, power automation flow to capture the approval/rejection status, and track the bond order's lifespan, we designed a form. The power automation flow has also been modified to remind if the bonds’ approval takes longer than expected.

We also created a performance dashboard where users can monitor various requests depending on filters like category, issuing bank and bond status.


The following benefits were seen as a result of the Bond Viewer Power App implementation:

  • Now, routine tasks are simplified.
  • An increase in output.
  • Tasks across workplaces and departments that are automated.
  • Decrease in human error
  • Saving a lot of time.
  • Reminders through email.