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Currently operating in ten countries, including the Middle East and North Africa, Southern Africa, and Southeast Asia regions, our client is a developer, investor, co-owner, and operator of a portfolio of power generation and desalinated water

production facilities. More than 22 GW of power and 2.5 million m3/day of desalinated water can be produced by the client's portfolio, which has an investment value of over USD 33 billion. These resources can be delivered in bulk to state utilities and industrial majors on long-term off-take contracts under public-private partnership, concession, and utility services outsourcing models (BOO/BOOT). The client has stated that it intends to boost its investment in renewable energy as a result of the new bids and projects that were announced in 2014 but are still in the financing stage. Of the $15 billion, $7.4 billion went to renewable energy. Renewable energy made up 8% of our client's energy portfolio as of 2014.

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Technology Power Apps

Keeping a track of all the issues raised by different users, addressing them, and assigning the issue to the right team was a tedious and recurring pain point for our client. They wanted a solution to logging these issues and categorizing them and were interested in the systematization and digitization of all log categories. We suggested a solution using Power Apps and developed it in collaboration with the client for the best user experience.

There were several requests from various sources and channels, and there was manual tracking and email acknowledgment. Different departments were unable to distinguish between due dates, urgency levels, or expected approval times since they had no way of knowing where their requests were in the process or who was handling them.


The company recognized the potential of a Power Apps workflow and interface to streamline the procedure. We developed their workflow utilizing Power Automate by centralizing request logging, capturing, and tracking. The requestor fills out the necessary fields, submits the ticket, and a process owner from the relevant team receives it. The approval process may then be managed fully within the app by this person, eliminating the need for emails or other messages that might go misplaced or overlooked. The central management system makes it simple to assign a resource's tickets to another member of the same team if they go on leave or depart the firm.


The team has noticed a noticeable increase in request management log results in thanks to a centrally controlled request system. The ability to enter submissions, revisions, and This email is protected by Microsoft Azure Information Protection - TechnomaX Systems.approvals while on the go using the app saves requestors and approvers hours of resource time each week.Fewer mistakes also mean fewer employees needing rescheduling, and wasting resources, which lowers costs.