7-pro-tips-to-get-the-most-out-of-your-first-line-workers Back

October 7 2022
Organizations across several industries with personnel in service and task-oriented jobs have been severely hit by COVID-19. Customers are sometimes suffering a full stoppage of operations, while in other instances supply chains are being changed to produce necessary goods and logistics are being changed to meet new demand. We wanted to offer some advice to help scale Firstline Worker operations because we depend more than ever on the heroes who keep the world going. Look for strategies to digitize first-line workers' working environments while optimizing their safety and well-being.

Learn how to set up your frontline staff to work in teams

Microsoft is making Teams available to as many people as possible to enhance public health and safety by keeping teams connected and informed at all levels of the company. This is done in recognition of the level of uncertainty that many enterprises are currently dealing with.

Create first-line workers' IDs and grant them access to Teams

We understand the need for speed and scale in getting your First line employees online and connected during these changing times, as IT teams are already stretched thin by increased workloads. IT administrators can automate First line Workers provisioning at scale to get them started using the tools and technologies they require by using inbound user provisioning from human capital management systems like Workday and SAP SuccessFactors, or by using PowerShell scripts. We have developed a method that will speed up the provisioning of tens of thousands of identities so that they may use the Teams app.

Using a head-mounted, wearable gadget, Firstline Workers can connect to experts

Getting in touch with Firstline Given the requirement to exchange information promptly and safely, it can be difficult for workers who are currently supporting COVID-19 activities in essential field service roles or cultures that prioritize safety. Teams on Real Wear unlock "I see what you see" scenarios, allowing specialists to communicate with field personnel and teach new hires remotely without endangering their health and welfare. This is all done while maintaining complete hand freedom. Teams for Real Wear are currently reviewable.

Facilitate scheduling for your frontline personnel

Scheduling your first-line workers might make operations at your firm more difficult because demands are constantly changing. For instance, some teams might be seeing an increase in overtime, while others might need a mechanism to give extra or open shifts, track time & attendance remotely or both. The Teams Shifts app can help with efficient schedule management. Shifts are being used by customers in the healthcare sector to arrange the surge in patient care providers and COVID-19 screeners that is occurring at this time due to the issue.

Do you wish to know if your Firstline Workers have reported for duty? This is how

Customers in crucial sectors including manufacturing, government, and supermarket retail inform us that time and attendance tracking also contributes to worker safety during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Shifts app's Time Clock provides a digital clock-in/clock-out solution in place of a traditional, analog time clock station. It also acts as a straightforward method of keeping track of attendance while also assisting in worker safety.

Gather data to keep track of the well-being of the team

We are aware that your first-line workers' health and well-being are of the utmost importance. One procedure that has been adopted by our Microsoft Stores is the weekly distribution of a survey via Microsoft Forms asking employees about their health and any issues they may have. Additionally, one of our customers in the hospitality industry has adopted this strategy. In addition to using Forms to gather information about the health condition, they have been using Teams meetings to hold health discussions and distribute health advice in specific channels.

Recognize outstanding performance and attitude

Firstline Workers are going above and above to support our communities despite how difficult the current situation is. We've introduced three new badges (courage, optimism, and inclusion) in Praise to recognize people who are genuinely making a difference and to demonstrate our thanks for their work. Use these badges right away.